This article was written by my fellow homeopath Dale Moss and published in the Greenfield Reporter in the fall of 2020.

Reprinting Recorder columns from 1918 and 1919, when Spanish Flu ravaged the world, reminds us that pandemics are hardly a modern phenomenon.  What happened during the Spanish Flu should also remind us that homeopathy served magnificently in fighting that virus, having a mortality rate in the U.S. of less than 1%, whereas conventional medicine lost nearly 30% of its patients.

Were the institutional memory of medicine not a sieve, you’d already know that fact.  You’d also know that homeopathy has over two hundred years of experience in handling epidemics and saving lives, consistently out-performing the medicine-of-the-day.  Instead, information on these and other successes has been suppressed.  In London’s cholera epidemic of 1854, which marked the first time a disease outbreak was traced to its source, over 10,000 people died, with mortality rates of 59% under conventional treatment and 9% under homeopathy.  The initial report to Parliament on the epidemic deliberately ignored homeopathic data because to have included it would have skewed the results — and not in a way that flattered conventional medicine.

It beggars belief that we are fighting a new pandemic from a brand-new virus — a virus that causes deadly respiratory distress and oxygenation problems, a virus for which there is no conventional treatment, no cure, and no vaccine — and homeopathy is completely excluded from the conversation.  Excluded, even though it has an exemplary history of greatly reducing mortality in infectious disease epidemics, from the cholera and typhus of 19th century Europe, yellow fever and diphtheria in the U.S., Spanish Flu, AIDS in Africa, and leptospirosis in modern Cuba.

Why focus on anti-virals and iffy drugs like hydroxychloroquine, all of which have dangerous side effects, when there are safe homeopathic ways of handling Covid-19.  Fever and severe muscle aches?  We utilize remedies that are both more effective and safer than NSAIDS.  Dry cough?  Shortness of breath?  Loss of smell or taste?  Piercing headaches?  A feeling of drowning in your own fluids?  There are homeopathic remedies for all these symptoms and many more.  The trick to successfully treating any epidemic is to synthesize its disparate elements into an overarching remedy that covers them all.  The trick to treating individual cases of Covid-19 is to keep patients from needing hospitalization, something homeopaths are already doing, here and abroad.  

In Cuba, they are using homeoprophylaxis to protect the most vulnerable first, giving out homeopathic remedies to the elderly in nursing homes.  There may be no Covid vaccine, but homeoprophylaxis is a cheap, effective substitute — and Cuba’s use of it puts the U.S. to shame.  While expensive ventilators are in short supply and doctors here argue over whether following protocols for treating pneumonia harms more than it helps, French doctors are raising the frighteningly low oxygen saturation levels of patients with homeopathic remedies rather than risking mechanical damage from ventilators.

As a homeopath, I’m used to the skepticism of physicians and others.  Not understanding how homeopathy works, they wrongly assume it cannot.  We can’t explain how it works within the limits of present scientific knowledge; but we don’t much care, because daily we see that it does work — and that’s proof enough.  If a patient’s symptoms of suffering are matched carefully to a remedy that engenders similar symptoms in a healthy person, healing results.  That’s the art; the science must wait for open minds and a more evolved understanding.

Homeopaths from around the world have pooled treated cases from Italy, France, Iran, Japan, Canada, and the U.S. to assess symptoms and figure out the genus epidemicus, the remedy or remedies that perform best in treating a serious illness with a novel constellation of symptoms and its own gestalt.  We are ready and willing to help, be it with treatment for the sick or prophylaxis for those exposed to them.  Our expertise, individually and collectively, should not be ignored.

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Dale C. Moss is a former historian, now homeopath and organic farmer, who lives in western Massachusetts.