Homeopathy addresses both chronic and acute health issues gently and naturally.

Individualized Medicine

Homeopathic prescriptions are based on the clients’ individual symptoms and not according to a disease name or condition. The properly chosen homeopathic remedy addresses healing on all levels of individual: physical, emotional, and mental.

Safe, Non-toxic, Free of Side-Effects

Made from minute amounts of natural substances, homeopathy is extremely safe. It can also be used in conjunction with Western medications without interference since the action of the medicines occur on different levels of the system. Unlike allopathic medications, homeopathic remedies are free of toxic side-effects.

Truly a Green Medicine

The use of homeopathy is not only the gentlest choice to promote healing, it is also the most environmentally sound.  Hundreds of thousands of homeopathic doses can be created from a single plant so impact on the planet is kept at an absolute minimum. Homeopathy is truly a green medicine.