Claire’s homeopathy works! It restored me to my former, inflammation-free and pain-free life after an adverse reaction to the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine that had gone on for several months. When the initial dose caused no change, she stuck with me, refined and finessed the dosage until I was healed. I recommend her highly.


I have been working with Claire for several years.  Claire is a very empathic and knowledgeable homeopath. She is open-minded and curious in the best way. She is a true student of homeopathy and of life.   Claire is genuinely interested in her patients and truly wants to help.  Claire doesn’t dictate or pontificate. She listens very deeply and she is very supportive.  Claire becomes a partner, a midwife, in your healing process.  I have learned so much from Claire and I am so grateful to her for all of the healing that I am experiencing on all levels – mental, emotional and physical.     


With the perfect balance of intuition and insight, Claire has consistently been able to lay out a homeopathic treatment path of care for both me and my beloved pets. She was able to address and solve some persistent, tricky health and wellness issues with great long term success.

P. L.

Claire listened to my complaints and those of my family with an honest desire to help. In no time at all I felt I could trust her. She is a wonderful person and a skilled, caring health practitioner. I really could not have been more satisfied!

J. B.