The Consultation

The homeopathic process begins with an initial consultation that typically lasts around 2 hours.

We discuss your chief complaint as well as your health history. Time is allowed so that we may discuss all aspects of your experience including, but not limited to, work, family, relationships, family history, and any traumas or life-changing events.
After our time together I will analyze your case and find a remedy that matches your overall being and not just a particular symptom. I will let you know how to obtain the remedy in the proper potency and give you detailed information on how to take it.
After 4-6 weeks, we will meet for a follow-up appointment to assess your progress after the remedy. Different people have different experiences and there is no way to generalize what to expect, but with a properly chosen remedy you will notice some changes within this time period. The follow up appointments last 30 minutes to one hour.

Healing from long-term conditions is a process.

Often the chief complaint such as headaches or joint pain improves after the initial dose of the remedy. You are likely to feel an improvement in your overall state of well-being at the beginning of your treatment that improves over time as your physical symptoms are relieved.
Follow-up appointments continue to occur on a regular basis, every 4-6 weeks, until your healing is at a stage where we can meet less often. Even when you are feeling better, the follow-up appointments allow me to assess and watch your progress so that I may continue to help you. The remedy may need to be repeated but there is no exact schedule since every person and every situation is different.